Coach The Game

When you use “Show Me The Moolah!” with The Farming Game, you’re using a system developed for teachers by a teacher. Purdue University educator Neil Knobloch adapted George Rohrbacher’s The Farming Game — a classic of family fun for over 35 years — with his own Business Management Simulation to make it user-friendly for the 50-minute classroom session and for general business classes.


Remember “I hear, I forget — I see, I learn?”

When your students play “Show Me The Moolah” with the Farming Game, they see how money flows through business transactions. They track their business through double-entry accounting to generate financial statements. The proof of their progress in the game is their recordkeeping, just like in the real world.

You’ll find that “Show Me The Moolah!” is a valuable simulation tool that encourages your students to wrestle with issues that face business managers every day: planning, decision-making, accounting, and financial analysis. It’s the perfect complement to any economics or business class — and a great way to help your students learn business by doing, instead of rote.